Executive Committee

Head of Department Margarida Telo da Gama
Deputy Head of Department Pedro Cavaleiro Miranda
Deputy Head of Department José Afonso

Coordinators of the Functional Units of Education

1st Cycle Physics Iveta Pimentel

Integrated Master's Programme

Biomedical and Biophysics Engineering Hugo Ferreira
Engineering Physics Olinda Conde
José Soares Augusto
António Amorim
2nd Cycle Physics Iveta Pimentel
Physics and Chemistry Teaching Rui Agostinho
3rd Cycle Astronomy and Astrophysics José Afonso
Biomedical and Biophysics Engineering Pedro Cavaleiro Miranda
Engineering Physics José Rebordão
Physics Nuno Araújo
Minor Physics Iveta Pimentel
ERASMUS Coordinator   Guiomar Evans

Departmental Committees

Committee for Secondary Education initiatives Luís Peralta
José Pires Marques
Margarida Cruz
Rui Agostinho
Hugo Ferreira
Committee for Monitoring Students with Special Educational Needs Margarida Cruz

Pedagogic Committees 2017/2018

1st Cycle in Physics

Academic staff Student body
Iveta Pimentel
Luís Peralta
José Pedro Mimoso
1st year: Filipe Rosado Correia / Miguel Ângelo Pinto (substitute)
2nd year: André Torcato
3rd year: Gonçalo Paulo

Integrated Master’s Programme in Biomedical and Biophysics Engineering

Academic staff Student body
Hugo Ferreira
Nuno Matela
Raquel Conceição
1st year: Tatiana Rebocho / Marta Oliveira (substitute)
2nd year: Pedro Delgado / Cristina Gama (substitute)
3rd year: Catarina Hoosseni / Patrícia Falcão (substitute)
4th year: João Peixoto / Beatriz Alves Martins (substitute)
5th year: Nuno Pereira da Silva / Rodrigo Paganelli (substitute)

Integrated Master’s Programme in Engineering Physics

Academic staff Student body
Olinda Conde
António Amorim
José Soares Augusto
Guiomar Evans
Manuel Abreu
1st year: Beatriz FerreiraLaura Graça (substitute)
2nd year: Matilde Santos
3rd year: Andreia Domingos
4th year: Rui Fernandez
5th year: José Miguel MartinsCláudia Anjo (substitute)

2nd Cycle in Physics

Academic staff Student body
Iveta Pimentel
José Afonso
1st year: Inês Albuquerque
2nd year: Miguel Marques