Master and Postgraduate Courses

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3rd period of applications: 19th September - 23rd September 2022


Master Degrees (2nd Cycle | MSc) and non-awarding degree Postgraduate Courses are ruled by the following legislation:

The study programme leading to a Master’s degree (2nd Cycle | MSc) has 90 to 120 credits and lasts between three to four semesters. 2nd Cycle courses allow students to gain expertise of an academic nature through research, innovation and the development of professional skills. The MSc degree is awarded to those who pass all of the course modules that are a part of the Master’s study plan and are approved in the public defence of their dissertation, the project work or internship report, and have obtained the required number of credits.

In order to apply for a 2nd Cycle (Master’s) Degree or a non-awarding Postgraduate Degree, candidates must have completed a 1st Cycle (Bachelor’s) Degree or a legal equivalent. Applicants are advised to read the specific entry requirements of each course programme.