Application Deadlines

  • 1st period: 01st July - 14th August 2020
  • 2nd period: 02nd December 2020 - 15th January 2021

Applicants should be aware that some courses have specific deadlines and entry requirements– you can find more information on this in the respective course files.

Applicants for the PhD in Cognitive Science

Application from 01st July - 24th August 2020 (only one period)​.
Applicants for the PhD in Cognitive Science must consult the course Webpage and the Public Notice.


Below is the list of courses that are open for applications:

Doctoral Programmes Number of Places
(1st period)
Entry Requirements
Astronomy and Astrophysics 20 Open
Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution 25 Open
Biology 25 Open
Biology and Ecology of Global Changes 12 Open
Biochemistry 20 Open
Cognitive Science 15 Public Notice
Marine Sciences 16 Open
Geophysical Sciences and Geoinformation 20 Open
Biomedical Engineering and Biophysics 7 Open
Physical Engineering 20 Open
Statistics and Operations Research 15 Open
Philosophy of Science, Technology, Art and Society - Application deadlines and procedures
available at FDUL
20 -
Physics 20 Open
Geology 20 Open
History and Philosophy of Science 15 Open
Informatics 20 Open
Mathematics 10 Open
Chemistry 12 Open
Sustainable Energy Systems 10 Open


For your application to go ahead without any problems, please carefully read the following instructions:

  • If you are a FCUL student, you should login to your account so that all of your details are uploaded directly to the application form;
  • If you are not a FCUL student, you should consult the instructions for 'Submitting your Application";
  • Go to the application form in the "Candidate" section and fill in all of the fields appropriately;
  • Add a valid email address as you will regularly receive information via email about the application process. If for whatever reason you are unable to receive the confirmation of application by email, you must report it to contacts persons indicated below


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Please send all questions regarding the application process to:

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