Applications (deadlines and courses)

Application Deadlines - 2021/2022

3rd period: 20th September - 24th September 2021​

Some courses have specific deadlines and entry requirements – you can find more information on this in the respective course pages.

If you are a final year undergraduate student, please consult the conditions for "Conditional Applications" before applying.



Below is the list of courses that are open for applications in 2021/2022:

Number of Places and Entry Requirements 2021/2022
  Number of Places
(3rd period)
Entry Requirements
Master’s Courses    
Biostatistics 4 2C-BIOEST
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 11 2C-BBC
Conservation Biology No places available* 2C-BC
Biology of Plant Resources 14 2C-BIOLRECVEG
Evolutionary and Developmental Biology 4 2C-BED
Human Biology and Environment No places available* 2C-BHA
Molecular Biology and Genetics No places available* 2C-BMG
Biochemistry 12 2C-BIOQ
Cognitive Science No places available* Public Notice
Data Science (Master Course) 2 2C-CDADOS
Marine Sciences 15 2C-CMAR
Geophysical Sciences 7 2C-CG
Scientific Culture and Outreach in Science - Application deadlines and procedures available at IE - -
Design for Sustainability - Application deadlines and procedures available at FBAUL - -
Ecology and Environmental Management No places available* 2C-EGA
Marine Ecology 1 2C-EM
Biomedical Engineering and Biophysics 3 2C-EBB
Energy and Environment Engineering 9 2C-EEA
Engineering Physics 10 2C-EF
Geospatial Engineering 14 2C-ENGGEOESP
Informatics Engineering 12 2C-EI
Biology and Geology Teaching - Application deadlines and procedures available at IE - -
Physics and Chemistry Teaching - Application deadlines and procedures available at IE - -
Informatics Teaching - Application deadlines and procedures available at IE - -
Mathematics Teaching - Application deadlines and procedures available at IE - -
Statistics and Operational Research 16 2C-EIO
Physics 5 2C-FIS
Geology 9 2C-GEO
Environmental Geology, Geological Risks and Land Management 8 2C-GARGOT
History and Philosophy of Science 5 2C-HFC
Informatics 19 2C-INF
Mathematics 8 2C-MAT
Mathematics Applied to Economics and Business No places available* 2C-MAEG
Financial Mathematics - Application deadlines and procedures available at ISCTE - -
Microbiology - Application deadlines and procedures available at IST - -
Applied Microbiology No places available* 2C-MICROBAPLIC
Science in Navigation and Geomatics - Application deadlines and procedures available at Escola Naval - -
Chemistry 12 2C-QUIMICA
Technological Chemistry 16 2C-QT
Information Security 1 2C-SI
Geographic Information Systems - Technologies and Applications 19 2C-SIGTA
Postgraduate Studies    
Data Science (Postgraduate Studies) No places available* PG-DATASCIENCE
Statistics Applied to Biology and Health Sciences 5 PG-EABCS

*Courses with "No places available" may have vacancies in case of dropped out candidates. If you are interested in these courses stay tuned, the definitive information will be available as soon as possible.

For your application to go ahead without any problems, please carefully read the following instructions:

  • If you are a FCUL student, you should login to your account so that all of your details are uploaded directly to the application form;
  • If you are not a FCUL student, you should consult the instructions for “Submitting your Application”;
  • Go to the application form in the "Candidate" section and fill in all of the fields appropriately;
  • Add a valid email address as you will regularly receive information via email about the application process. If for whatever reason you are unable to receive the confirmation of application by email, you must report it to the contact persons indicated below.



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