Animal Biology

Welcome to the Department of Animal Biology

The Department of Animal Biology (DBA) of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon has as its main missions teaching, developing research activities, knowledge transfer and innovation in the field of biological sciences.

FCUL’s pedagogic offer in biological sciences is centred in the Animal Biology and Plant Biology Departments.   DBA offers several levels of training in the Undergraduate (1st Cycle), Master’s (2nd Cycle) and PhD (3rd Cycle) programmes, in addition to courses that do not lead to an academic degree but whose content responds to the specific needs of this professional area.  

DBA has a very experienced and highly qualified academic staff with international experience and the capacity to obtain funding for research at a national and international level.  The scientific and pedagogic competencies of its academic staff covers different areas of expertise, namely, ecology, environment and conservation, marine biology, evolutionary biology and biology of the organism.

Scientific research at DBA, which is at the base of higher education in all education stages, is located in research centres of excellent quality and funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology.

DBA has a long tradition and is an important reference in the education and research of Biology in Portugal. The 21st century was considered the century of Biology; an academic degree in biological sciences is a degree in the future. Come join us!

Maria da Luz Mathias​
Head of Department