Animal Biology

Welcome to the Department of Animal Biology

The main goals of the Department of Animal Biology (DBA) are to provide higher education, research, knowledge and innovation transfer, and Science dissemination on the field of Biology, in close partnership with the Department of Plant Biology (DBV).

In the last decades, Biology has gained relevance at the scientific level, being a domain that increasingly integrates knowledge from other scientific areas. It has also a large number of applications, some of which have direct impacts on economy and society.

The DBA has an educational offer that includes BSc, MSc and PhD, diverse and contemporary, aiming to ensure that a solid background is provided to its students and that the skills and competences learned are relevant for different professional profiles. Scientific research and knowledge transfer to the productive sector, administration and society are conducted in close relationship with several research and investigation units associated to the department, which have a high prestige both at national and international levels. As a result of the interactions between the Department and these units, there are a large number of opportunities to for students and researchers, including the participation in research projects developed together with other institutions worldwide, addressing current research topics of extreme scientific priority and relevance.

The DBA aims at hosting debates of issues that affect our society and our planet, contributing this way to the change in consciousness and behaviour that is critical towards a more sustainable development.

Henrique Cabral
Head of Department