The experience of all in benefit of tomorrow's students

The Faculty has an ongoing campaign to identity its former students. This page provides access to a brief questionnaire (which shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to fill in). This survey is intended to help identify other former students, creating the conditions for setting up our Faculty's Alumni organisation.

What to do want to know? We want to know what former students have been up to - how your programme helped prepare you for your job functions; to learn if you've set up a business or have joined a company; to know if you're in a position to lend a hand - with your experience and institutional position - to current Faculty students doing internships in different fields; to understand what kind of activities you'd like the Faculty to organise for your benefit. And we'd like to offer you privileged access to some Faculty services (giving you the same access as current students), additional training activities, etc...

In short, we'd like to be able to count on all those who have studied here to help improve our scope of action, to build an employability gauge through questionnaires that may help both former and current students. We want to learn how you have fared in terms of entrepreneurship, and we want to integrate our Faculty in society and the world even further.

We have a limited number of e-mail contacts - a list whose size, moreover, varies a lot from programme to programme. It is very important for us at FCUL to be able to identify more colleagues and their contacts. 

Some of the advantages to updating our former FCUL students' details

  • Access to Faculty mobility and employability systems;
  • Ability to join mailing lists;
  • Find colleagues;
  • Access the Library;
  • Notification services.

Questionnaire (available soon)