The bestowal of the title of Aggregate is regulated by the Decree-Law No. 239/2007 of 19 June.

The Faculty of Sciences adopted on 23 November 2016 a set of guiding criteria for applicants and members of selection boards.

The following procedures to begin the process in the Faculty of Sciences, come described in the Article 8 of the Decree-Law:


Article 8

1 - Candidates for the realisation of aggregation exams must submit a request to that effect, addressed to the rector of the university.
2 - The request mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall contain an indication of the branch of knowledge or skill for which it is required to provide the evidence, and be accompanied by a copy of the following documents:

a) Curriculum, with an indication of the professional path, the works and the work carried out and the scientific, technological and teaching activities developed, including its research activities and projects and future programs;
b) Report referred to in paragraph b) of Article 5;
c) Detailed summary of the seminar or lesson referred to in paragraph c) of Article 5;
d) Work mentioned in the curriculum considered by the candidate as the most relevant.

3 - A digital copy of the documents referred to in points a) to c) of the preceding paragraph shall also be delivered.
4 - The request is rejected outright by order of the rector whenever the candidate does not fulfill the conditions referred to in points a) of paragraph 1 and 2 of Article 7.


In the face of the delegation of powers of the Rector at the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences (Order No. 4374/2014, of 13 March), and to the branches of knowledge and skills in operation in FCUL, the request referred to in paragraph 1) of Article 8 shall be addressed to the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences.

The branches of knowledge or skills that may be required to provide evidence are listed in the Order No. 10344/2013, of 16 July of the Rector of the University of Lisbon.

The costs are listed in the table of fees of the Faculty of Sciences (Resolution No. 1580/2015).

The organisation of the acts necessary for the implementation of evidence is carried out by the Postgraduate Studies Area of the Faculty of Sciences (Mónica Carlos,