Accreditation is the recognition, validation and assessment of studies and skills relevant for learning in a specific scientific area and at a certain level of higher education. This recognition is assessed by a determined number of credit points. 

According to the Accreditation of Studies and Skills Regulation of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, those who may apply for accreditation are:

  • Students who enter higher education under Special Access to Higher Education or Re-enrolment or Transfer of Institution/Programme Regime;
  • Students who have studied at FCUL or at other higher education institutions, national or international, pre- or pos-Bologna;
  • Students who have completed technological specialisation courses (CET) under a protocol with FCUL;
  • Students who wish to continue their studies by attending a degree programme taught at FCUL or with the collaboration of FCUL;
  • Students who wish to attend other course units taught at FCUL, or with the collaboration of FCUL (when provided in the study programme regulation).

Accreditation is requested online, at and in a single request, at the time of entry in a particular study programme (enrolment), or re-enrolment or registration in an academic year. This limitation does not apply to accreditation requests for replacement of course units whenever such possibility is provided for in the study programme regulation.


Needed documents 

The accreditation request must be initiated according to the origin of the skills to be accredited (see Regulation):

  • Accreditation of certified studies;
  • Accreditation of studies undertaken at higher education level, national or international;
  • Accreditation of studies/training undertaken outside the higher education system;
  • Accreditation of studies/training undertaken outside the higher education system in place of course units (when provided for in the study programme regulation).

After being informed of the accreditation decision, the student has a period of 5 working days (as from the date of receiving that information) to accept all or part of the accreditation granted. If the student does not act upon that information, the accreditation is deemed to be fully accepted and the student must pay the corresponding fees.

When the student disagrees with the decision, a fully documented request may be filed, in one single act, within 5 working days following the date of receiving the decision.


Accreditation Committee

Accreditation Committee

  • Carla Kullberg
  • Luís Peralta
  • Cristina Catita
  • Margarida Meireles
  • Maria da Estrela Jorge
  • João Miguel Telhada
  • Isabel Ferreirim
  • Beatriz do Carmo
  • António Ferreira
  • Carlos Assis
  • Ana Gonçalves Reis
  • Ricardo Melo